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We Repair All Washer Brands, No Matter Where You Bought It.

Washer Repair

When your washer stops working, the best thing you can do is call and schedule a service call. Its best to not try to take it apart yourself. We have had customers try this many times and the majority if the time it ends up costing the customer more if they try to fix it themselves, this is because when you take it apart yourself you run the risk of breaking a part that wasn’t broken in the first place or changing a part that wasn’t needed. If you really want to do some checking, there is a few quick things you can do before the technician arrives.

When you schedule a service call, knowing these few things will help us to better prepare for the service appointment. You might also figure out what is wrong with the fridge while you’re checking these things.

Washing machine repair near me

Types Of Washing Machines We Repair

We service all Residential and commercial Washers. 

Our technicians are certified to work on a variety of Washers:

Common Washer Parts We Repair

Washing machine repair near me

Washing Machine Brands We Service

We service all appliance brands, Including but not limited to:

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Client Testimonials

“I called for a service call this morning and they were able to come out toaday and fix my refrigerator, The technician knew exactally what part it needed and gave me a great estimate and repaired it right away. Very pleased with the service I was provided!”
James Bouie
“I have used near appliance repair a few time this past year and every time they go above and beyond my expectations, I highly recomend them.”
Jenn Simpson

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