LG is a brand that often has trouble cooling, before you start searching for “Lg refrigerator repair near me” you can follow these few troubleshooting steps. 

First Try Reseting Your Refrigerator

Sometimes a quick power reset can take care of your lg refrigerator problems. Simply unplug the unit and wait 30 seconds then plug it back in. Make sure to wait the full 30 seconds though. 

lg refrigerator compressor

Listen For The Compressor

If it is quiet in the kitchen, you should be able to hear the compressor kick on when you plug the unit back in, if you don’t hear the compressor, make sure to take note of that and let us know when you call for service. 

refrigerator door

Make Sure The Doors Are Closing Correctly

The doors have a magnetic switch in them to tell if the door is closed or not, this is so the fan doesn’t blow in your face when you go to grab a drink out of your fridge. If the doors arent closing all the way, the fan wont turn on and air wont blow across your evaporator, in turn your refrigerator wont cool properly. 

Check For Power Outages

If the power went out at night while you were sleeping, the refrigerator could have dropped in temperature even without the door being opened. Most times the refrigerator will display a error message when there has been a power surge or power outage, but another way you can check is to look at your clock on your appliances and see if it is showing the correct time. 

Call for service

It will help if you know your model number when you call for service, you can find more information on how to locate your model and serial tag here.

If you cant find it, the technician will locate it for you when he arrives. 

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